Google web site optimization and internet marketing

A good web site is just half of the way, the other half is represented by the site promotion and appereance on the internet. Using a strong and corectly built internet marketing campaign you will transform your web site in a sales agent that works non stop and only for you.

What is the purpose of an internet marketing campaign

An internet marketing campaign is very similar with any other marketing campaign made for a service or product, but in this case the promoted product is your own web site 🙂

Even though the working process and implementation for an internet marketing campaign can be complicated, the purpose is very simple and easy to underst and:

The purpose of an internet marketing campaign is to bring high quality traffic to your web site.

Read the article called ‘Why you need Google website optimization’, a very usefull and easy to underst and article that explains the main elements that form a search engine optimization campaign and the way you can monetize your web site with them.


How an internet marketing campaign is implemented

We want to emphasize the fact that every internet marketing campaign is unique and personalized for each web site. There are several elements that must be analized and together they form the current position and ranking of the site in search engines results. Therefore, for every web site is a different situation.

We describe below the steps that will be made if you decide to start an internet marketing campaign for your web site:

1. first you contact us with a request for your project 🙂

2. at our first meeting we explain you the basics about internet marketing and we ask from you some specific details about your web site

3. based on the information you provided, we make a detailed analysis of your web site and we put the conclusions in a report, where we also include a proposed strategy

4. we explain you the strategy we proposed, together with the costs, time frame and expected results after is finished

5. hoping that everything is ok fom your part also, we start the work 🙂

Please use the Free quote page and send us your details if you want to start an internet marketing campaign for your web site.

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